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Catrice Luxury Nudes Soft Matte: 01 White & Bright

Catrice Luxury Nudes Soft Matte White and Bright

The Catrice Luxury Nudes Soft Matte: 01 White & Bright is a fresh, clean white matte nail polish. True to its name, it is elegant and softly matte with a subtle pink sheen. There’s something touchable and marshmallow-y about the finish. Mmmm~

“Matt” and “Matte” are both correct, depending on which side of the world we are on. We use “matte” here in Singapore.

Let’s see how the formula performs!

It dries rapidly on the surface to a matte finish while the bottom layer is still wet. Be careful, it’s deceptive! 😉 Use generous thick coats on this to get the smoothest finish. Otherwise, it gets gloopy and dries unevenly.

Lasting power is roughly 2-3 days before chipping without regular topcoat, which would defeat the purpose of having a matte polish. It is also tougher to remove than regular glossy polish.

Overall, it’s an okay polish. The formula is challenging to work with, but the result is rewarding, though short-lived. A chic and elegant choice for days when we want to look a little extra classy.

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