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MAC Casual Lip & Cheek Colour Review

mac casual colour lip & cheek colour review for your amusement

MAC Casual Lip & Cheek Colour is a creamy, emollient blush and lip colour all in one. The shade For Your Amusement appears warmer coral pink in the pan, but is actually a cool-toned, pastel pink when swatched. It claims to be non-sticky, lightweight and dewy. Hmm, can a blush that feels like a gloss really do all that?

Let’s dive in and see how it performs!

mac casual colour lip & cheek colour review for your amusement

The Rundown…

  • Pigmentation: Light, buildable to medium
  • Finish: Dewy, slightly tacky
  • Texture: Creamy, reminds me of lip gloss
  • Scent: Vanilla
  • Lasting Power: Good, still visible on lip and cheeks at the end of the day


Final Verdict

A beautiful, emollient and buildable formula. Yes, it is long lasting, lightweight and hydrating. The emollient texture and dewy finish would make this more suited for drier skin types. However, it does sink into fine lines on the lips and leaves a slight tacky feel on the cheeks.

I imagine this would look great on very fair ladies with cooler skin tones. If you’re fair but warmer toned, this might not be the shade for you. I’m around the range of Revlon Colourstay in Buff, the shade For Your Amusement is too pastel. It looks good as a blush but sickly as a lip colour.

What do you think of the MAC Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour? What is your favourite lip and cheek product? 😉

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