3 Curious Reasons to Own Plants

3 curious reasons to own plants

Greenery is therapeutic. Slices of nature in the urban jungle bring warmth among cold concrete and steel. I’ve been fascinated with indoor gardening for the past year, plants simply add so much to a space. What better way to create your own slice of haven, than bringing house plants into your daily life?

Yet, we are not here to discuss the conventional benefits of plants. Are you experimental? Curious? A self-proclaimed mad scientist? Here are 3 reasons for you to flex those green thumbs!

1. Feast on a Buffet of Species

From tropical to desert natives, terrestrial to epiphytic, try anything and everything. Love the look of the forest in your home? Try tropical ferns and philodendron. Not a fan of soil in your space? Try orchids or air plants that require no soil at all to grow and can be mounted on woody surfaces. Variety is the spice of life!

2. Experiment with Light, Soil and Water

From light, to soil and watering methods, there are infinite ways to care for your greens. Experiment with natural and artificial light sources. Tend to overwater with too much love? Try rocky soil mixes that drain quickly.  Tend to underwater or have little time to care for your greens? Try denser, finer soil mixes. With so many ways to set up a care schedule – or virtually none with self-watering – it’s an experimenter’s dream come true.

3. Beautify your space with infinite aesthetic arrangements

From sweet and simple individual plants to terrariums, there is something for all of us. Have an empty window that could use a little life? Try hanging planters or terrariums. A lonely, cold desk? Try a terrarium or cluster of little pots. Create anything to fit your tastes and space. We are only limited by our imaginations and creativity.

Owning your slice of nature can be a fun, fascinating journey of twists and turns. Why would you, or would you not, own plants?

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