How to be a Successful Plant Parent

How to be a successful plant parent main

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

Do you enjoy plants, but fear killing them? Or have – gasp – killed some and believe you have a black thumb? Then this is for you!

The past year has been an adventure with many different species of plants. Indoor gardening has quickly become my beloved hobby. When I met friends and people who appreciated plants, but were facing issues, I was thrilled to help. It has been a learning curve for me too. I hope this guide helps you.

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3 Curious Reasons to Own Plants

3 curious reasons to own plants

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Greenery is therapeutic. Slices of nature in the urban jungle bring warmth among cold concrete and steel. I’ve been fascinated with indoor gardening for the past year, plants simply add so much to a space. What better way to create your own slice of haven, than bringing house plants into your daily life?

Yet, we are not here to discuss the conventional benefits of plants. Are you experimental? Curious? A self-proclaimed mad scientist? Here are 3 reasons for you to flex those green thumbs!

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