Kate Real Create Eyes

Kate Real Create Eyes

While not the latest from Kate, this shadow has been my go-to for everyday looks. Though I no longer see it at Watsons, I thought it deserved a little shoutout. Please excuse the messier insides – it has been well-loved!

Kate Real Create Eyes

It has 1 jelly glow colour and 4 shadow colours. The darkest brown works as a natural brown liner.

Kate Real Create Eyes

I especially like the sponge’s “nice pointy end”! Makes it easy to draw a precise and smoothly winged line with the dark brown shadow. Soft, foolproof eyeliner.

Kate Real Create Eyes

Soft, natural colours. They’re quite sheer once blended out. As pretty as the jelly colour looks here, it’s too slippery to make a good eye base (as it was intended). I find any eyeshadow on top tends to slip and slide. A gloss maybe, but eyeshadow base… nope.

Kate Real Create Eyes

An everyday, foolproof eyeshadow look.


  • Versatile pointed sponge allows you to create eyeliner easily
  • Pretty, shimmery and foolproof colours
  • Minimal fall-out, smooth formula


  • Jelly eye base doesn’t fulfill its purpose


I like it as an everyday, compact and lightweight palette. The fuss-free colours makes it a good fail-safe for newbies. Those who enjoy shimmery, sheerer Japanese-styled shadows will enjoy this. However, this is not a palette for those who love their pigmented shadows.

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