Who I Am & Why I’m Here

Hello darlings!

I’m a university student in Singapore, working on a Bachelor’s in Business. Painting digitally (I hesitate to call my work “art” ^^;) has been my long-term love. I’m a casual gamer (Assassin’s Creed, anyone?) but no less a girl who loves her wardrobe and vanity table – whoever thought gaming and girls were mutually exclusive? ;)

I fell – and sank – into the world of beauty blogs. Beautiful things are simply so soothing to the eyes.

Then it hit me.

I bought/had plenty of cosmetics/polishes too! Why not start one?

I had so many thoughts I wanted to share. Tips & tricks I’ve learnt and enjoyed. Opinions & reviews on items I hauled.

I want to share them with YOU. Discuss them with you. Have a beautiful pictorial record of our ahem– glorious, wallet-torturing cosmetics adventures. If we’ve got it, might as well record it in a journal, right? If we’re recording it, might as well share it with like-minded friends!

So here I am. Feel free to say hi! I don’t bite ;)

11 thoughts on “Who I Am & Why I’m Here

  1. wendybarronwrites says:

    Oooh, I love watching people play with makeup! I don’t wear it that often, myself, and I always feel like a different person when I do, but I love to see how-tos and demos and reviews.

    As for hesitating to call your digital painting “art”, please read this post, substituting “writer” for “artist”. What you create is art. Full stop.


    • apricotowl says:

      I completely understand! I’m not a daily user myself, but yes there certainly is something so enjoyable – perhaps a little pampering – about it. Even just watching it being done.

      Inspiring post, thank you! :)


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