Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Ink (Red Essence)

sephora rouge infusion red essence

I haven’t ventured much into the real of red lippies, so when Sephora offered their Puckerlicious lip set at $29 for a set of lip goodies (Including Too Faced’s Melted Lips!), I jumped at it. No. 10 (Red Essence) is a deep, vampy red lip colour. Perfect for fall — or so I thought.

— I look like I’ve just fed on the lifeblood of an innocent creature! D:!


I was excited for this — too excited. Only to be thoroughly disappointed.


  • Strong, nice vampy red
  • Nice glossy finish, non-drying


  • Goes on very patchy. Stains lips unevenly
  • Wears off unevenly & patchy
  • Rubs off easily & oddly. Literally looks like blood dripping & smearing off your lips.


No, just no. I love the colour, but I wouldn’t wear this out. It gets messy real quickly.

However, I would wear this for halloween to scare innocent mortals. I am keeping it, for the novelty! Plus it’s useful for doing looks for the blog. I’ll advise you dear readers to use a different red lippie!

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