Makeup Tutorial: Fresh in Fall

eotd fotd fall 2014 makeup trendFall is upon us! I’m a believer in being inspired, not controlled by seasons & trends. This balanced look focuses on matte skin, with healthy moist lips & soft, reddish shimmery eyes. Let’s look at how we can achieve this look.

This fall, is the perfect excuse to get out of our comfort zones and work a red lip! Personally, I’ve always been conscious of how red emphasises my lip shape which I’m not the fondest of. But hey, we all gotta learn to embrace ourselves ;)

Click to view the pictorial!

Prep eyelids with any eyeshadow base first, like Urban Decay Primer Potion or cream shadow. This helps eyeshadow adhere and wear longer, with better colour payoff.

eotd fotd fall 2014 makeup trendeotd fotd fall 2014 makeup trend Complete your base makeup the way you like it best. Finally, slick on your favourite red lippie & you’re good to go! Lining your lips is optional. For this look, I suggest having a soft, less defined lip line to bring out a fresher look ;) Feel free to do what pleases you most though!


You can use any similar colour you own, but here’s what I used.

  1. Majolica Majorca Hummingbook 3: Pink cream shadow base, gold & red shadow
  2. Kate Real Create: Peach, champagne & dark brown shadow
  3. Majolica Majorca Auto Line: Amber Black Br-601
  4. Revlon Lash Potion (Review soon)
  5. Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo: Dark brown


  1. Maybelline Colour Sensational: 615 Summer Sunset
  2. Sephora Rouge Infusion: no. 10 Red Essence

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this simple makeup look!

Comments? Suggestions? How easy was it to follow? Please tell me in the comments below! I’ll be glad to listen!

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