Innisfree Eco Flower Tint: No.1 Camellia


Picked up this bright, pretty Innisfree Eco Flower Tint in Camellia as a pick-me-up at the end of a long, arduous semester. Its clean, fresh rose scent sold it to me immediately. Had to get it. If only more products used this sort of scent, I’m such a sucker for it ♥

No. 1 Camellia is a milky, pinky red shade. The formula is light and watery, with an incredibly clean, fresh rose water scent. I love the doe foot applicator, it dispenses just the right amount of product for one layer and is easy to use and control.InnisTintCam2

The tint leaves a light pinky red stain that looks quite pretty. It can be layered for a brighter colour.


However, the inner skin of my lips tends to absorb the colour. While the rest remains very lightly stained. It can look like a strange bright pink patch in the inside it you’re not careful. Apparently, it’s a common issue with watery tints.

It does last long and look great all day, however!

InnisTintCam4I layer it with a little pinky red lipstick on the outside. Korean gradient lips, anyone?

Result: A flattering fresh lip colour. I love it for the colour, scent and lasting power. Still, do take note if lip tints tend to absorb unevenly for you too :)

9 thoughts on “Innisfree Eco Flower Tint: No.1 Camellia

  1. Zovesta says:

    What a pretty colour, and it looks great with you (you’re so beautiful!!), but that uneven lip tint is blah. =( Have you tried any of Benefit’s lip/cheek tints? I found them to be drying, but mostly even…

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    • Alisa Wong says:

      Thank you for the kind words :) Hmm I’ve spoken to some another blogger before, who also had uneven staining with the Benefit tints. It may be the structure of our skin that doesn’t work as well with the watery product textures :) Great to hear it works well for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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