Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Swatches and Review

Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Review Swatches

I couldn’t resist this beautiful Sephora Makeup Bag Palette. A friendly SG$49 for a generous selection of eyeshadow, blush and lip gloss. I couldn’t find swatches for this, so I thought I would share it with you guys instead.

I hope they prove helpful on your next shopping trip ;) It took a while to swatch and experiment with, but here we go! Prepare for a massive swatch and review fest!

The palette is heavy, with a good quality mirror. The lip products are sealed below a sturdy plastic sheet you can peel open and close, to protect the glosses from fallout. A nice touch.


The eyeshadows are divided into 7 sets: Bohemian, Safari, Vintage, Tropical, Urban chic, Rock and Glamour. Followed by matching blushes and lip glosses below. There’s a good combination of satin, shimmer and matte colours and excellent range and choice of shades.

1. Bohemian
Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Review Swatches
Pretty, fresh and natural. The dark peachy pink looks beautiful.The white is quite chalky, the brown not quite smooth and the pale peach doesn’t quite show up.

2. Safari

Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Review Swatches
The mossy green is lovely, though a little dry. The pale yellow swatches more white and is a little dry and chalky. The gold and brown are patchy.

3. Vintage 

Appears natural and nude in the pan. Probably the poorest swatches in the entire palette. The very pale peach is decent, but the copper brown and matte taupe are extremely patchy. The gold is passable.

4. Tropical


Exciting and vibrant in the pan, dry and patchy when swatched. I had high hopes for the matte pastel blue, but oh well. The entire set under performs.

5. Urban Chic
Unique and chic shades. The pink shimmery shade swatches more champagne. The darker pink and denim blue swatch lighter, but are smooth and look lovely. The matte blue is very patchy.

6. Rock
Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Review Swatches
A unique, purple based selection. The shimmery light purple swatches more pale lavender and is quite smooth. The matte grey and pastel purple are on the dry side The black is dry and patchy.

7. Glamour
The gunmetal grey is lovely, but the others swatch dry and patchy.

Eyeshadow Roundup…

Excellent colour selection, questionable quality. Most of the mattes and even some of the shimmers are dry and patchy. It’s such a shame for such a pretty palette! :( I wish Sephora would redo this colour selection in more decent quality.

Still, I enjoy this palette as an extension of my mainstay Urban Decay or drugstore palettes. I like quite a handful of the shades. Given their quality, these need to be worn with an eye primer.


The blushes span from cool to warm tones and are decent. Pigmentation is light. I find the last 2 shades do work well with a brush to give a natural flush. They’re not very blendable. I suggest applying lightly in layers with a fluffy blush to prevent patchiness.

Lip Glosses
Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Review SwatchesThe glosses are nice. Most of them swatch clear. Sufficiently hydrating. The baby pink, peach and red are pigmented and absolutely beautiful. No complaints here.

Overall Verdict

Beautiful packaging, gorgeous range of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.

At the SG$49 price point, it may still be worth the purchase for the extensive selection and some average products (if we avoid the duds). But if you’re accustomed to top-of-the-food-chain, buttery eyeshadows, then these would be more of a pass.

Some hits, many duds. Yet, I still find a use for this palette – it extends a makeup collection with some unusual shades, without burning a massive pit in your wallet. ;)

What do you think about Sephora palette or eyeshadows? Have you tried them? Share with us in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Sephora Makeup Fashion Bag Palette Swatches and Review

  1. Fatima zohra says:

    Please I need your help. I bought this palette but behind it is written made in China so I would like to know if it is an imitation


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