Makeup Tutorial: Spring Flutter

beauty eotd eye makeup spring pink eyeshadow urban decay

This pink, spring appropriate look is sweet, romantic and flirty. It’s naturally flattering and will enhance your eyes naturally. I love Korean style makeup for its fresh and clean vibe. This is inspired by their love for sweet colours. As the Koreans would say “sweet and lovely make-u~” XD Ah, their accent is adorable.

Remember, you can do any style of makeup with what you already have on hand. I’m using Urban Decay and a mix of products from both Eastern and Western brands. I’ll list them at the end of the post.

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Makeup Tutorial: Winter Frost

Winter 2014 Makeup Look Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Christmas is just around the corner! This look is inspired by the pretty, icy blues of winter. Brr! Here in Singapore, we have no winter. But Christmas parties and festivities abound all the same! Time to have fun with some cool, frosty shades.

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Makeup Tutorial: Fresh in Fall

eotd fotd fall 2014 makeup trendFall is upon us! I’m a believer in being inspired, not controlled by seasons & trends. This balanced look focuses on matte skin, with healthy moist lips & soft, reddish shimmery eyes. Let’s look at how we can achieve this look.

This fall, is the perfect excuse to get out of our comfort zones and work a red lip! Personally, I’ve always been conscious of how red emphasises my lip shape which I’m not the fondest of. But hey, we all gotta learn to embrace ourselves ;)

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